How to measure

If you want order a cutom size costume. please follow the steps below:


1: Please confirm that the current product page has a "custom size" option and make sure that you have selected that option.

Notice: If you do not see a "custom size" option on the product page you are viewing, it means that the product does not support custom size services.


2: Please read our measurement guide below carefully and take necessary measurements for the required parameters.

How to measure

how to measure foot length

The most important size information in the picture above is:

Height, bust, waist, shoulder width, hips. You need to ensure that these parameters are correct, and our tailor can help you make the right garment. Of course, the more detailed the parameters you give, the more suitable our garments will be.

3: Please record the size information you measured above and leave a message on the note page of your shopping cart. Our designers and tailors will create 3D drawings based on the size information you provide. Our customer service may contact you via email to ensure that the custom size order is made correctly.

It should also be noted that:

Due to the difficulty of designing cosplay costumes, custom sizes can often take much longer to produce than standard size clothing.

Production cycle:

  • Halloween peak period:

Refers to September and October of each year.

All standard size clothing during this time takes 7-18 working days to make. Of course, we will have announcements to inform you of changes in our production cycle.

All custom-sized garments during this time take 12-25 working days to make. We reserve the right to reject any custom size clothing orders during this time period.

  • Non-Halloween rush hour:

Every year except September and October
Every year except legal holiday in the United States and China:

All standard size clothing during this time takes 5-14 working days to make.

All custom-sized clothing during this time takes 7-18 working days to make